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Take My Seat! Host PopWood Playback for Me!

I’ve hosted PopWood Playback every week for five months and I’m ready to experiment. The format has been largely the same. I present five of the best woodworking videos of the week on YouTube after a couple of announcements – with just a couple exceptions where I tied in a tool review into the vi...

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Router Base Adds New Dimension

Woodworkers love their routers, and it seems they love to learn new ways to use their routers. Yes, I will admit to being one of those woodworkers. I’ve used a variety of replacement router bases ov...

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It’s OK if the Wood Splinters a Bit

During the last decade, I’ve built a lot of six-board chests, including the examples found in this 2013 article in Popular Woodworking Magazine. For as long as I have been building these chests, I’ve been criticized for the way I fasten them with headed nails, which can result in the wood splinte...

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